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Salesbury Church of England Primary School Rooted In Faith Aim High Seek Within Wonder Why Salesbury School - Serving Others.


Our Christian Vision and Values

Picture 1 Psalm 119 105 is our school's key Bible Verse.

'Rooted in Faith' is the opening line of our school Mission Statement which represents our clear, distinctive Christian foundations.  We have chosen Psalm 119 105 as our school Bible Verse as it captures the idea that we use the Bible as guidance, as teaching and as our compass.  We often make reference to 'What would Jesus do?' in our decision making, when reviewing choices and offering advice.

We started 2019 by spending time exploring our Bible verse and using it as a point for discussion and creative work.  The psalm can be spotted around the school so it is a familiar point of reference which can be used by children and adults alike.

Our Mission Statement

Our Mission Statement 1 Rooted in Faith
Our Mission Statement 2 Aim High
Our Mission Statement 3 Seek Within
Our Mission Statement 4 Wonder Why
Our Mission Statement 5 Salesbury School
Our Mission Statement 6 Serving Others

We have recently reviewed our Mission Statement and spent over a year discussing this with all our stakeholders.  We invited Liz Agbettoh from Blackburn Diocese to facilitate discussion with teachers, support staff and governors.  This resulted in a plethora of key ideas.

The headteacher and assistant headteacher then led a pupil focused session - we had all year 2, all year 6 and all members of each school council.  The children had strong ideas and luckily there were many common elements shared at the staff and governor session.

We then sent out a parent survey and received 186 returns which guided our pathway.

We wanted something we could all remember, which we could all own and find ways of keeping it alive in our school.

A rhyming Mission Statement with actions was created.

All our children, all ages, all abilities, all cultures know this inside out and we re-enact it together every single school day.

Children spotted living out our Mission Statement may be chosen to add their names to each class's Mission in Action box.  During Celebration Praise we draw out one from each class to choose a small prize and to join the headteacher for hot chocolate.


Each half-term, we explore one Christian Value in depth.  This half-term, we are looking at Creativity.

We have been looking at the incredible world created for us, our amazing potential to do wonderful, worthwhile things and evaluating the way others have used the gifts God has provided for us.

Exploring this half-term's Christian Value at home

Can you complete our Home Value Challenge for this half-term?

Open your eyes when you are out and about.  What captures your attention?

Photograph something that amazes you that God has made and send your photograph into school.  You can email your photographs to the headteacher. 

We will create a whole school slideshow of things that make us go 'Wow!'


Each day Daily act of Collective Worship
Wednesdays Collective Worship led by Reverend Martin
8th January 2019 Prevent Day - exploring our Bible Verse and our Equality Charter
9th January 2019 Walk through the Bible - weekly visit from Faith Mission to Year 5 and Year 6 this half-term
28th January 2019 We are hosting a Praise Party at Blackburn Cathedral exploring the theme of Respect
31st January 2019 Following our fundraiser last half-term, we have asked Water Aid to come into school to show us the value of our fundraising.


Our SIAMs Inspection Report - how effective are we as a Church School?

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