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Friday 12th June


M/O-Today’s number is 57,108

  • What is the value of the 5 digit in the number?
  • Find the difference between the number and 1,000
  • Round it to the nearest 1,000
  • Add 10 hundreds.
  • 999 less (best strategy?)

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SPAG-Ask an adult to test you on your spellings


Watch the video, ‘For the Heroes: A Pep Talk From Kid President’ here:


After watching, write down what an ‘everyday-hero’ means to you.

Think about someone you consider to be an ‘everyday hero’ during this current time in lockdown.


This could be:

• someone you know personally, such as a family member, friend or teacher

• someone you have seen on the news, such as Captain Tom Moore –

 watch this Newsround clip to find out more:

  • a whole team of people, such as people working in your local hospital.


Once you have selected your everyday hero, write a letter to say thank-you to them personally.


When writing your letter, make sure you include the following:

- An opening greeting

- An initial sentence/paragraph outlining why you are writing to this person / people

- Additional paragraphs giving reasons as to why they are your everyday hero

- A concluding paragraph – summarising your reasons / reiterating your thanks

- A suitable sign off – this will be different depending on who you are writing your letter to.


Once you have written your letter – consider sending it to the person via post.

 You may even get a reply! 


Foundation Subject

Have a walk around your local area – what do you notice?  List positives and negatives.

Discuss with your family what could be improved?

Create a poster to suggest improvements that could be made within the local area and why it’s important that we all play our part. Include colours and make it eye catching to engage the target audience.