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  • Choir 5th December 2023 at 08:30
  • Choir 12th December 2023 at 08:30
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See the Maths for today by clicking on the link below.


Today our lesson is live on Teams at 11:00am.  Mrs Smallshaw will be teaching the lesson and will go through all the tasks with you.  You can view the Powerpoint below and if you have missed the live lesson you can still access it through Teams in the chat section. 


1 - Predict what the children will do to escape Count Olaf.

2 - Read the next chapter of our book using the video link below. 

3 - Why do you think the author talks directly to the reader at the start of each chapter?

Write down your ideas to number 1 and number 3 - thank you!

Chapter 5

Still image for this video


Today we are going to look at devices and think about what they are able to do. 

  • You need to open the powerpoint below and work your way through the slides. 
  • There are some questions on slide 3 for you to think about. 
  • On slide 6 you need to see if you can name all the devices - some are older than others so you might need some adult help.
  • Choose one device and then consider the questions on slide 7. 
  • Then choose the device you are going to record with and explore it in more detail, using the prompts on slide 8. 
  • You then need to create a short film clip and there are some ideas on slide 9, or you may have an idea of your own.  When you have practised filming, watch your clip back and evaluate it: what worked well?  What do you need to work on?

Once you have completed everything, please send you video and written tasks to me.  I look forward to seeing your video clip.  

Please note this video does not need to link to the plan from last week, we will return to that another week.  


-Please watch the video on the Video Resource Centre where Mrs Rees is going through the months of the year.

-Then watch to recap (it is a quite a catchy song)

-Have a go at saying each one in turn, you can stop my video and say each one.

-Create a poster of the months of the year-decorate it with things that occur in that moth eg birthdays, Christmas etc.


Please email you work to