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Maths See instructions by following this link.


Today our lesson is live on Teams at 11:00am. Mr Bird will be teaching the lesson and will go through all the tasks with you.  You can view the Powerpoint below and if you have missed the live lesson you can still access it through Teams in the chat section. 


Complete the spelling lesson on the LBQ site, looking at the Year5/6 focus words.  The code for the lesson is: pvg


Continue to work through the activities of the Week 2 Timetable from the Lancashire School Games website.

This activity is a continuation of Tuesday's PE lesson. Perhaps choose a different activity in each of the 'Move' and 'Play' sections to add variation to the lesson.


Elements  - Dynamics as a Score 


Thank you for your efforts at recording your dynamic sounds from last week.  This week, we will think about how we might RECORD VISUALLY our different dynamic sounds.  In other words – write, or draw them.   Have a look at the video I have made for you on the resource and follow the instructions. 


Task:  Draw a Dynamic pyramid like the one in the video. 

Think of how you might draw shapes and images to represent your sounds and create your pyramid score. Try to perform your sounds to someone at home.   Email me a picture of your score.