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Friday 1st May


  • M/O
  • 7+8+7=
  • 87,543-8,979=
  • 54.6 x ?=5,4600
  • 79+40=
  • 2/3 x 30=




  • Spelling- Ask an adult to test you on your spellings
  • Create a fact file page about the deadly creature you designed yesterday.
  • Think about ensuring you have answered key questions for your reader such as; Where does it live? What makes it deadly? What does it eat? Where and how does it hunt?
  • You may wish to use these examples (on pages 5 and 6) to help you with your layout from ‘Lesser Spotted Animals’ by Martin Brown.  https://www.lovereadin 6/Lesser-Spotted- Animals-by-Martin- Brown.html
  • If possible, you could also film a ‘Deadly 60’ video about your new animal


Guided Reading

Read a book of your choice-write a brief summary of what you have read


On the grid general tasks grid please choose another activity