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Friday 15th May


  • M/O (See MO starter attached below)
  • Complete the assessment grid attached (answers are also included)
  • Extension-Using and applying questions (answers included)



  • Spelling-Ask someone to test you on your spellings
  • Login to Learning by Questions: silent letters Connect as pupil code: xow (This will be added at 9am and will work till 9pm on this date)
  • Based on all the inventions you have looked at throughout the week,

select your favourite one.

  • Imagine you have been asked to create an advertisement to sell this

invention on the TV, in a similar way to Shouty Man on Horrible Histories.

If you are unfamiliar with Shouty Man, a compilation of his adverts can

be found here:

  • Write a script for your advert. Think about including persuasive features

 in your script such as: the invention benefits, appealing adjectives,

a snappy slogan, facts and offers.

  • If possible, once you have written your script, you may choose to video it and send it to me



Guided Reading

Read a book of your choice for 30 mins quietly-tell someone else what you have read


Choose an activity from the General Tasks Grid