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Monday15th June


M/O- Number of the week activity (attached below)

Play Number Noughts and crosses game (attached below) Please look at the section for Year 5!


SPAG- Learn your new spelling list-complete the WHOLE sheet


Explore key facts about World War Two by watching and reading these two sources, making notes as you go.

Watch BBC History KS2: Britain declares war on Germany, here:


Read National Geographic Kids: 10 Facts about World War Two here:



Based on what you have watched and read, create a quiz for a member of your family / your teacher to answer.

Try to use a range of different questions in your quiz, such as:

- True/False

- Multiple choice

- Ordering statements


Foundation Subject

This week we are focusing on German.

Today I would like you to watch the video of 'Im Garten'. This can be found on the school website-children- video resource centre (the same place you find all the daily videos). Here you will find me teaching you words for things you often find in the garden. I would like you to watch the video and have a go at learning the words. Today you do not need to write them down just say them out loud.



Please find a link below with some ideas for PE at home