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Wednesday 15th July



M/O Complete Day 3 of the Fluent in Five booklet (attached below)


Complete the ‘Numbers in a row’ activity



SPAG-continue to practise spelling –look at the Year 5 word list too-can you select a few more words to practise?


Using your story plan from Friday and yesterday’s writing so far, write the last part of your story. This should include the resolution of the problem your character(s) faced. Continue to write descriptively. Think about your sentence types, your sentence starters, creative and more complex punctuation and up levelled vocabulary.

Once you have written the middle of the story, check it through and edit it.



Foundation Subjects

RE: Continuing from yesterday’s work Research some proverbs from other cultures – what do they mean/tell us?  Create a poster with the best one you find


PE Activities: