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Tuesday 16th June


M/O- Getting Even game (see attached)

Complete the Magic squares challenge (attached below)


SPAG- Login to Learning by Questions: spelling of suffixes Connect as pupil code: rvw (This will be added at 9am and will work till 9pm on this date)



Listen to the radio announcement that told the people of Britain that their country was at war with Germany.

 Jot down how you think people felt when they heard this for the first time.

(Please note: most families did not have television at this time so listening to the radio was how they would have

found out the news.)


Now watch the opening scene from Goodnight Mr Tom (from 0:00 – 2:34mins).

As you are watching, look at the different types of people who are sat in the church(families with children, an

 RAF officer and his wife, elderly couples etc.) and think about how they are feeling.

Write down words and phrases that could describe this scene.

 (PG certificate).


Now use a thesaurus or to improve your vocabulary.

For example, ‘a lady holding her husband’s hand’ may become ‘an anxious wife clutching her husband’s hand’.


Using the words and phrases you have gathered, select one from the following written outcomes.

- Write a free-verse poem (there are no rules for this type of poetry) to depict the scene you have watched.


- Write a short narrative piece based on the scene


Foundation Subject

Watch the video from yesterday to help you to remember the vocabulary for things you find

 in the garden. Today, I would like you to draw a picture of your garden and label it using

 German vocabulary. If you’d rather print a picture from the internet or use a photograph that is fine I just really want to see you use the German vocabulary (there is another video that sets and explains this task)