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Wednesday 1st July



M/O Complete Day 3 of the Rapid Reasoning booklet (attached below)


Go to and login at the top of the page with the school's username and password. On the next page your child should enter their personal username and password in the My Portal box–Complete the activity Converting Measurements


Complete the worded problems Mass and Capacity (attached below)



SPAG- Login to Learning by Questions: Apostrophes Connect as pupil code: ths (This will be added at 9am and will work till 9pm on this date)


Read some more information about spiders on the following websites:  and

What are the 5 most interesting facts?


Foundation Subjects


Geography Draw a map of the world.  Colour the land green and the waters blue

Add on the names of the continents.  Add the names of two seas/oceans

Add the name of somewhere you have visited or would like to visit.


PE Activities: