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  • Choir 26th September 2023 at 08:30
  • Choir 3rd October 2023 at 08:30
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Wednesday 17th June


  • M/O- From the Rapid Reasoning booklet (attached below) complete Day 1 challenges
  • Watch the video first:

Complete the sheet attached ‘Which Graph?’ You must watch the video first for the activity to make sense

  • Go to and login at the top of the page with the school's username and password. On the next page your child should enter their personal username and password in the My Portal box. Complete the task: real life graphs

(If you need any help logging in to my maths please do email me and I can help)



SPAG- Login to Learning by Questions: spelling of suffixes Connect as pupil code: tcq (This will be added at 9am and will work till 9pm on this date)



Explore why children were evacuated and what life was like for them by watching and reading these two sources.

Jot down any information which interests you:

Watch - BBC History KS2: An Evacuee’s Adventure:


Read Evacuation of Children and Women during World War Two:


Based on what you have read and watched, create an information page, which could feature in a historical magazine

about life as an evacuee. Think carefully about how you present your information, considering these points:

- Do you have clear headings/sub-headings to inform the reader?

- Have you included facts/dates from the information you’ve read?

- Have you included any personal accounts about life as an evacuee (this could be taken from the BBC video clip you

 have watched)?


Remember to proof-read your information page, checking for spelling and punctuation.


Foundation Subject

We are going to now learn about mini beasts in German. Watch the new video of me teaching you the vocabulary you will find this in the video resource centre. Practise saying each of the words and try to learn the new vocabulary. You can make notes or a video if you'd like.