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Monday 18th  May


  • M/O (See MO starter attached below)

Complete one or both of the tasks below they are about co ordinates

-Complete the Shape Activity

-Mondrian Activity


  • Spelling-Complete your new spelling list (attached below)


  • Read about Titanic here, jotting down key facts that interest you:

       https://www.dkfindo tanic/

  • Now read Titanic Facts and Figures and watch the video about how

         Titanic was built, jotting down key information: uk/bitesize/topics/z8 mpfg8/articles/zng8j ty

  • Based on what you have read about Titanic so far and the notes you

 have made, create a ‘True or False’ game for a member of your family

 to answer. Don’t forget to write the answers, too –

          giving an explanation of the correct fact if the answer is false.

If you have any difficulties with the links in English this week the overview of the lessons is attached under the general task grid

Guided Reading

This week you will be completing different reading skills based on Oliver Twist


Login to Learning by Questions: Oliver Twist Connect as pupil code: bru (This will be added at 9am and will work till 9pm on this date


Choose an activity from the General Tasks Grid