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Mr Bird will be teaching our Maths lesson on Teams at 9:30am.  Today we are learning about Translation of shapes (A type of transformation). 

If you miss the lesson, you can download it from the Teams posts within the UKS2 group, and the powerpoint is below. 


Task One: 5 a day (ppt below)

Task Two: Hands on Maths (ppt below)

Task Three: Complete the tasks on the LBQ site.  The code is: fou


Today we are going to use our plans to write the first part of our story.  Log into the lesson at 11:00am on Teams.  We will be deconstructing a model so you have even more ideas to help you with your story.  See you then!

You will need to download the word mat below to support you with your writing! 


Read Chapter 7 using the video below.  Once you have read the chapter, see if you can answer these retrieval questions.  The answers are all there in the text.  

1 - What type of book does practically no one like to read?
2 - What incentive did the children have to read the book?
3 - How did Klaus feel when his sister left the library?
4 - What did Klaus believe all his life?

5 - Explain how the hook-handed man made Klaus feel scared.

Chapter 7

Still image for this video


Design and Draw a Theme for a Circuit Operated Gameboard

Follow the instructions below to design your game quiz board for the DT project


Task :  Look at the PPT below on Loyalty in our relationships.

List some qualities that you think a good friend should have. For example, do you think being a good listener is a good thing to offer to your friends?

Read the other questions on the PPT.  Think about the dilemmas in the last 2 slides.  How would you choose the right thing to do ?  


      Write a paragraph about both dilemmas and how you would respond.