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Good morning,

You should have received an email from me with some general information on it. Please ensure you do reply. If you have not received this email please do email me directly at as this forms part of our very important welfare check.

Kind regards,

Mrs Rees

Monday 20th April


  • M/O

80 + 70 =

60 x 40 =

528 ÷8 =

3/5 of 30 =

4,543 + 5,567 =


  • Learn the Maths poem attached-you can write it out and make it into a poster-there are also some worked examples to help you understand each concept
  •  Have a go at the few questions attached-as requested by parents the answers are also attached!

English and Guided Reading

  • Spelling-your new list is attached below-remember to complete the whole sheet!
  • Explore the Greek Gods using the following website:

  • Makes some short notes about each God.
  • Which is your favourite Greek God you have read about? Why?



On the grid general tasks grid , as requested by Mrs Reeve,  please complete the letter for the new reception children first, some instructions for this are on the grid (please email these to me), then any other activity you'd like.