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Today there is no Microsoft Teams session for Maths as our lesson is a recap and assessment of everything learned this week.  We will be using the LBQ task to assess your understanding and plan your next steps.  

LBQ Task: Translate and Reflect Shapes on the Full Coordinate

Code: sxg


Please also complete your Hands on Maths and Five a day tasks using the powerpoints below. 


Today we will be editing and improving our writing.  Mr Bird will be teaching this at 11:00am on Teams. You will need your writing with you for the lesson and a different coloured pen (green if possible) so your edits are clear.


Complete the suffix lesson on the LBQ site.  The code for the lesson is: sxg


Continue to work through the activities of the Week 3 Timetable from the Lancashire School Games website.


This activity is a continuation of Tuesday's PE lesson. Perhaps choose a different activity in each of the 'Move' and 'Play' sections to add variation to the lesson.


Watch & listen to the clip on youtube which shows that Graphic scores are really used in musical performance.  Start listening at 1 min 30 seconds (1:30) until 2:10. Look at the shapes and see which ones are like yours created last week.


Task:  Can you see how the shapes are drawn to show different PITCHES (high and low).  Have a go at drawing some in your pyramid to show high pitched sounds and low pitched sounds. Try to record yourself performing these sounds and send to me.