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  • Choir 12th December 2023 at 08:30
  • Choir 19th December 2023 at 08:30
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We have an Amber Class meeting at 1.40pm today. Please bring a pencil or pen and some paper


Today we are going to recap factors, multiples and prime numbers. There is an uploaded video (in the Video Resource Centre) which teaches these concepts. Watch the video as many times as you need before tackling two of the sheets below.


If you finish the sheets quickly, try one or two of the 'Challenge Cards', as they are harder.


Over the next two weeks our learning will be centered around Space.  We will be using the book 'The Time and Space of Uncle Albert'. You can listen to the entire book in the video resource centre UKS2 section.  


Try to watch this clip about sci-fi fiction before our lesson.


Today there will be a lesson on Teams at 11:15am.  We will look at an extract from the book and explore some of vocabulary that has been used.  

There are two vocabulary tasks below for you to complete after the live lesson. You should use the extracts from the powerpoint below and start with match the facts task and then move onto creating an interesting word chart. 


Complete the next suffix task on the LBQ site. Today's focus is 'ible/ibly'.  The code for the task is: y29g


This is the start of another New Topic!

Earth in Space


1. First of all, start by accessing this page:

a. Watch the video about astronauts' clothing.

b. Order the planets of the Solar System. 

c. Complete the five question quiz.


2. Watch this video about the Earth orbiting the Sun.

Work through the LBQ task: Earth, Sun and Moon

The code for the lesson is: y29g

Our Knowledge Organiser for our Science Topic