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Wednesday 22nd April


  • M/O

2/3of 99 =

700 + ? = 1,300

7,543 –5,636 =

765 x 10 =

873 x 8 =

  • Complete the Maths task attached –this includes questions about averages and some on capacity. As requested by parents, the answers are also attached on the same document

English and Guided Reading

  • Grammar: Login to Learning by Questions: revision of word classes Connect as pupil code: sok (letter o not a zero)(This will be added at 9am and will work till 9pm on this date)
  • Read Chapter 4 ‘My Mother Teaches Me Bullfighting’ from Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief here: (This will download as a pdf).

You can also listen as you read here:

  • Write down words and phrases from the text that describe the minotaur.
  • Now watch the film clip of the same scene here: (PG certificate).

  • Have a go at writing some sentences that start with words ending in ‘ing’ to describe the scene, such as: ‘Drawing his sword, Percy dived towards the fearsome creature.’ (A list of words ending in ‘ing’ can be found attached below).
  • Use some of your ‘ing openers’ and your own ideas to write this scene in your own words.


On the grid general tasks grid below please complete Peer Mentor letter for Mrs Reeve first

There is also a challenge below from Mrs Howell-Jones