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Please watch the daily video in the Video Resource Centre and read the blog post



-Login to Times tables Rock stars (spend at least 20 minutes on this task)

-Complete the venn diagram for the quadrilaterals-choose 2 properties e.g. red and quadrilateral-once you have sorted the shapes you have been given can you draw some extra shapes



-SPAG-test your child on their spellings

- Look at the picture attached (The Tunnel) mind map words and phrases to describe the setting.

Then create a short setting description including the sentence types you looked at yesterday, brackets for parenthesis and commas for parenthesis and an expanded noun phrase.


Guided Reading

 - Read a chapter of a book-write a short summary, What are the key points? What does the reader NEED to know about the characters and story?



Thinking about the work you have done with Mrs Smallshaw use the following website to compose your own music



Please email me the work that you completed to (the work on mymaths and I can already see when you have completed it)