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Today we are looking at two ideas:

1. Use common factors to simplify fractions

2. Use common multiples to find common denominators

There is a powerpoint which explains our first objective.

A video has been uploaded onto the Video Resource Centre in UKS2 to explain the second objective.

There are two activities to complete today. One for each idea (see below)

There will be a Teams lesson/'drop in' at 9:30am.


In our lesson today we will be learning more about vocabulary and thinking about word meanings.  Our lesson will begin at 11:15am on Teams.  Following the lesson, you will need to create a word map for either the word 'light' or 'beam'. The text extracts from yesterday are also below.


Our Reading tasks this week are linked to our new Science topic: Earth & Space. 

Reading and completing these tasks will help give you some background knowledge about the topic 

Today you need to complete the first of three tasks on the LBQ site.  This is a pre-read task that will introduce you to the text. Remember to read the text carefully before answering the questions. The code for the lesson is: ghty


Exploring Easter

As we begin to navigate our way through this season of Lent, we will take the time to see how the issues of betrayal and trust are key features of the narration in the Christian story.


Let’s begin by thinking about Trust – what is trust?   Who do you trust?  What experiences have you had of being able to trust someone?

Think about some times when someone has let you down – how has that made you feel?


Game – if there is someone at home you can play blindfold games with, take turns in blindfolding and set each other some tasks, can you trust each other?  How did it make you feel when you relied on that person to be there for you?


Jot down  -   list the qualities of a person who you would be able to trust.  Is Loyalty one of them?


We are going to do a sports challenge over the next few weeks.

You can choose a rugby, or a netball challenge.


You need to select one of the challenges from the sport of your choice. Read the instructions for the activity you have chosen and record your result on the sheet.

These activities have been extended to last until Easter. We are looking forward to seeing how you get on.