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Tuesday 2nd June


M/O Number of the week challenge (attached below)

This week in Maths we will focus on different methods for addition and subtraction

Complete the two tasks attached below:

-Bridging addition and subtraction (attached below)

-Bar Models addition and subtraction (attached below)



SPAG- Complete you new spelling grid (attached below)


Watch Sinking of the Titanic – only up to 6:30 mins here

 Write down key facts about the sinking as you watch.


Imagine you are a news reporter in 1912 and you have just received the information that

Titanic has sunk. Write a news report explaining to your readers the events of the tragedy.


Once you have written your news report, if possible, you may wish to film your report as if it

is aired on BBC news. An example of a completed news report can be found here:

The Sinking of the Titanic – Breaking News Report

Remember to read back through your work and check your spelling and punctuation.


Foundation Subject Task

Research and find out about Greta Thunberg.  You are going to be creating a fact file about who she is, the impact she has had on people and climate, the message she is trying to share and what she hopes for the future over the next two days (example of the outcome in the video resource centre) Today, conduct the research about her,  take notes ready to write the fact file tomorrow.



Guided Reading

Login to Learning by Questions: Arachne and Weaver Connect as pupil code: mcx (This will be added at 9am and will work till 9pm on this date).