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Wednesday 29th  April


  • M/O

175 x 6=

184 divided by 7=

1/4 of 16=

1/4 x 16=

564 x 34=

  • Go to and login at the top of the page with the school's username and password. On the next page your child should enter their personal username and password in the My Portal box.
  • Complete the activity set on My Maths-Negative Numbers 1

(You should have received an email with your personal login details on Sunday  so that you can access this, if you are having any difficulties please email me)


English/ Guided Reading

  • Grammar Login to Learning by Questions: using fronted adverbials Connect as pupil code: qrz (This will be added at 9am and will work till 9pm on this date)
  • Read the following two extracts about snakes, making a note of any key words or phrases used: ‘Predators’ By Steve Backshall:

https://www.lovereadin /Predators-by-Steve- Backshall.html

‘100 Most Feared Creatures‘ by Anna Claybourne: 0/100-Most-Feared- Creatures-by-Anna- Claybourne.html

  • Now watch ‘Iguana vs Snakes’ scene taken from Planet Earth II: ofM

  • Imagine you are the new ‘David Attenborough’ or ‘Steve Backshall’ and have been asked to narrate this scene (be the voice-over for the scene).

Write the narrative you would say to accompany this scene. Try to include lots of facts about snakes using the key words and phrases you have jotted down.

  • You may wish to read aloud your voice over to a family member and, if possible, record it to send to your teacher!
  • (if you do have any issues with the web links, please click on yesterday’s date on the school website, there you will find the English overview for this week which has the links on it for each day)

On the grid general tasks

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