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Home Learning Monday 30th March



  • Mental Oral Starter

34 ÷10 =

4,456 –3,137 =

6 + 6 + 8 =

7 x 37 =

  • Area-Watch Mrs Rees video (found on the website in the video resource centre) on how to calculate the area of a rectangle.
  • Complete the Area Scale Up activity attached below


  • Spelling: attached below is the spellings for this week-please add 5 words of your choice and complete the sheet to learn them

This week we are going to be writing an adventure story, this is going to be based on the objects you can see below in the picture. We are going to this in stages each day so that we write an excellent and exciting story.

  • Today: using the picture below-describe each of the objects using words and phrases, up level your choices using a thesaurus (this can be an online thesaurus).


Guided Reading

  • Pick a poem of your choice. Explain why you have chosen it. What do you like about it? Why? Who else would like it?


Choose an activity from the General grid above