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SPAG: Using a picture of Mother Teresa (see below), add adjectives to the picture

L.O. Can I write a biography?

Using the notes from yesterday, write a biography about Mother Theresa. Use the success criteria (attached below) to make sure you include all the features of a biography.



M/O starter: Complete slide 3 of the 5 a day power point

L.O. Can I divide numbers mentally?

Login to   the pupil code is:aqf 

Complete the mental division activity for your year group. They start off easier and become more challenging the further you continue.



Watch promotional video for cirque du soleil.  Play it once for the children to watch.

Play it a second time and ask children to make jottings of the activities they can see

Give children simple 3x 2 grid

In each square ask them to write

Adjective, noun, verb

e.g. Skilful acrobats jumping

Insist on correct spellings, use of dictionary etc.


Children then illustrate



Complete a selection of activities suggested in the PE booklet (attached below)