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Friday 3rd  April



  • Mental Oral Starter


1/4of 64 =

3,422 –2,721 =

647 ÷10 =

873 ÷7 =

  • Login to Learning by Questions: volume Connect as pupil code: g5k This will be added at 9am and will work till 9pm on this date)


  • Spelling: Test your child on the spellings from Monday
  • Write the second half of your story. Keep referring back to your plan and the success criteria from yesterday. I suggest you start by reading yesterdays story so far and then continue. Once you have written it, just like yesterday, have a break and then edit your work, constantly referring back to the success criteria (there is a video sharing some tips on how to edit work). The support sheets are still available from yesterday.
  • Now publish your story-this could be word processed, read out loud, filmed or simply written out again neatly ensuring all your edits are there.


Choose an activity from the grid