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Thursday 4th June


M/O Complete the cross it out challenge attached below (read the instructions carefully and complete the Year 5 challenge)

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SPAG-Complete the SPAG mat (attached below)


Think about these two subjects in relation to Titanic.

- Titanic

- Passengers


For each subject, write two adjectives, three verbs and two nouns, which link to these topics,

e.g. for Titanic you may use:

Adjectives: magnificent, doomed

Verbs: sailing, colliding, sinking

Nouns: vessel, ship


Use to improve your vocabulary. Once you have chosen your nouns, adjectives and

verbs,use these to create a ‘diamante poem’.


Diamante poems use this structure:

Noun (Titanic)

Adjective, Adjective

Verb, Verb, Verb

Noun, Noun, Noun, Noun

Verb, Verb, Verb,

Adjective, Adjective,

Noun (passengers)

The words in green will be the ones you generated for Titanic and the word in red will be the ones you

generated for passengers.


A completed example may look like this:


Magnificent, Doomed

Sailing, Colliding, Sinking

Vessel, Ship, Men, Women

Gazing, Exploring, Searching,

Poor, Rich,



Foundation Subject (Science/Art)

Today I would like you to choose a patch of ground to explore and dig.  Collect and observe mini-beasts within the habitat.  Draw and take notes on the mini beasts you see (you will need this information for tomorrow's lesson). 


Choose one and observe closely – label body parts and research this mini beast 

When drawing think about: How large are each part of its body in proportion to its overall size? What textures can you see? What are the finer details? How does it move? What colours/ shades of colours can you see? Are there any patterns? 


Guided Reading

Login to Learning by Questions: Arachne and Weaver Connect as pupil code: gxz (This will be added at 9am and will work till 9pm on this date)