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Monday 8th June


M/O- Today’s number is 4,562

  • What is the value of the 5 digit in the number?
  • Find the difference between the number and 1,000
  • Round it to the nearest 1,000
  • Add 10 hundreds.
  • 999 less (best strategy?)

Solve the plant pot problem on

Key questions to think about: Why not number the pots so they are easier to talk about? Would it be a good idea to sort out what facts you really know? Why not pencil in the possible letters by the pots even if it might apply to more than one flower?

Attached below is a sheet that may support your working out



SPAG- Learn your new spelling list-complete the WHOLE sheet


Watch and listen to the song: ‘Microorganisms’ by Peter Weatherall

making notes as you watch:



After listening to the song, read this webpage about microorganisms and make notes:


Now watch the short BBC clip:‘Seeing the bacteria carried on hands’ here:


Imagine that the government have asked you to create a leaflet for children about microorganisms and the importance of washing hands.

Using what you have read and watched today design a leaflet suitable for children your age.


Make sure your leaflet is:

-Informative yet attractive to children by considering what vocabulary you use and thinking carefully about your layout.

-You may also want to include images/pictures to present some of the information.


Extra information and ideas for how you may choose to present your leaflet can be found here (Click ‘Get a closerlook’to view the book)


Foundation Subject

Continue to learn our class poem 'The Tyger' ( I will be in touch in the next day or so about how we will perform this.


The task for this week is going to be to: Design, Make and Evaluate a Nature Picture Frame then take a selfie inside your frame. Examples of the finished products can be found attached below.

There is a design booklet to take you through this process over the week (attached below)


Today I would like you to Investigate existing photo frames and the designing and generating of ideas (found in the booklet attached below). There are key questions to answer and prompts in the booklet.