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SPAG: Continue to learn your spellings-create a quiz/crossword or word search for some else to complete

L.O. Can I serve Jesus and follow his example?

Write a list of all the things you can think of that you can do others. 

Then display as a list poem as  ‘Where love is, God is’  Write the verbs in a different colour


Where love is, God is

Giving to the homeless

Picking up litter

Helping at home


Login to Times Tables Rockstars (20 mins)

L.O. Can I multiply numbers?

Login to     Pupil code: ydc

Y5 4 digit by 1 digit

Y4 3 digit by 1 digit


Guided Reading

Complete the reading comprehension activity (attached below)



Read Matthew text (attached)

Explore Matthew :  how do you think Joseph would have felt about being visited by the angel ? 

How does Matthew help us understand that God appears in an ordinary place (not a palace as a king might be expected to) when he comes as a person in Jesus.


Draw a storyboard for the events in this passage of Matthew. Use speech bubbles for any of your images. 



Continue with your weaving. Use different materials and include different textures like feathers or beads. (see photograph attached below as an example). You will have today and tomorrow to complete this.