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Tuesday 9th June


M/O- Today’s number is 351,938

  • What is the value of the 5 digit in the number?
  • Find the difference between the number and 1,000
  • Round it to the nearest 1,000
  • Add 10 hundreds.
  • 999 less (best strategy?)

Complete the Hundred square challenge found

Once you have read the challenge you can either complete it online or use the sheet attached below to complete it


SPAG- Login to Learning by Questions: Spelling –cial Connect as pupil code: guu (This will be added at 9am and will work till 9pm on this date)


Watch the BBC Teach dramatisation of the scientist Edward Jenner here, making notes as you watch:


Now read about Edward Jenner’s life here, making any additional notes:


Based on what you have read and watched, design and create one of the following:

- a fact page based on the life and work of Edward Jenner which could feature in a science


- a comic based on the life and work of Edward Jenner suitable for a child your age.


Whichever outcome you select, consider these points:

- Make sure you include all of the key facts about Edward’s life – from his childhood up until his death.

- Think about your use of vocabulary. Make sure it is exciting to read but also informs your reader


Plan your layout before you begin–how will you set the information out so that it is easy to follow for the reader?


Foundation Subject

The task for this week is going to be to: Design, Make and Evaluate a Nature Picture Frame then take a selfie inside your frame. Examples of the finished products can be found attached below.


There is a design booklet to take you through this process over the week (attached below)


Today I would like you to develop your ideas generated yesterday further and the planning section of the booklet (found in the booklet Designing-developing ideas, planning attached below). There are key questions to answer and prompts in the booklet.