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Autumn 1 Curriculum Launch - Here We Are!

Our new school year always begins with a 'Let's start with a ................. unit.'

We have had a

......... work of art

........ song

....... poem


This year, we are starting with a 

......... story


And because it has been a very different kind of year, we are all starting with the same story.


Here We Are by Oliver Jeffers

Here We Are - Read Aloud Picture Book | Brightly Storytime

Here We Are is a sweet and gently humorous guide to humanity for children and their parents. Get the book:

Let's Start With a Work of Art 2019

Unit 1 - Let's start with a Work of Art - Short Unit

What better way to kickstart our learning in the new school year by taking inspiration from the many, many works of art we could discover.

By looking at some of the best examples of art work created by artists around the world we got stuck into lots of learning while settling in our new classes.

We explored art work, artistic techniques, writing, literature and poetry leading to the creation of own art work.  Click through our gallery below.