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Our Curriculum

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At Salesbury, we have designed our own curriculum which delivers the National Curriculum but also makes sure it meets the needs of our learners and makes the most of all the resources we have available to us. Each year, we review the curriculum plan and before each unit is introduced we review again to check it is still the most appropriate, it best meets the children's needs and fits in with what is relevant locally, naturally and globally.
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Focus Week 1 - Let's start with a Work of Art!

Focus Week 1 - Let's start with a Work of Art! 1

Unit 1 - Let's start with a Work of Art - Short Unit

What better way to kickstart our learning in the new school year by taking inspiration from the many, many works of art we could discover.

By looking at some of the best examples of art work created by artists around the world we got stuck into lots of learning while settling in our new classes.

We explored art work, artistic techniques, writing, literature and poetry leading to the creation of own art work.  Click through our gallery below.

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Curriculum for the Autumn Term of 2018


In both English and Mathematics, each class follows the Lancashire Unit Plans to guide teaching and learning. 


We follow the Blackburn Diocese Syllabus for Religious Education integrated with Understanding Christianity.  This is a rich and varied curriculum offer which ensures we meet the Statement of Entitlement.


Our topic focus will have largely a historical bias where each class will explore something that exists today and then explore the chronology through time.  We will be honing our interpretative, chronology and explanation skills.

PE, Computing, Science, Languages and RE will be taught as discrete subjects whereas other subjects will be explored in a cross-curricular way during this unit e.g. art, DT, Global Learning, Philosophy and Music.


Throughout the year, phonics is taught daily in EYFS and Key Stage 1 using Letters and Sounds.

Autumn 2018 Curriculum Unit 1

Statement of Entitlement for RE

We are reading!