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Design and Technology

LO: Can I investigate and evaluate different shadow puppets and shadow puppet theatres?


Good afternoon everyone,


For today’s DT lesson you are going to be learning about Shadow Puppets. By the end of the half term you will create your own shadow puppet theatre!


For this week you are going to be looking at different shadow puppet theatres and you are going to create your own shadow puppet bird. Complete the three tasks to start you on your journey to learn about Shadow Puppets.


A) Use Miss. Romaniw’s virtual classroom to watch videos about different shadow puppets stories and different types of shadow puppets.


B) Design your shadow puppet and annotate their drawing with the answers to the following questions about your shadow puppet bird. Use the document called 'Pictures You do not need to answer each question in full sentence answers, as long as you have annotated your picture.


  1. How does it move?
  2. How many component parts does it have?
  3. How many moving parts does it have?
  4. What is it made out of?
  5. Who would use it?
  6. Look at how it moves – how are the joins kept together?
  7. What purpose does it serve?
  8. Is it strong?
  9. How has it been decorated?
  10. Could you design a similar puppet of your own?


C) Create your own shadow puppet bird using your design. Keep it simple, you are practising how to make a shadow puppet. Use a piece of string or a stick or use other materials to help your shadow puppet bird to move.