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Design and Technology

L.O. Can I apply understanding of how to strengthen, stiffen and reinforce more complex structures?


Good afternoon everyone,

For today’s lesson you are going to create a moving shadow puppet.

Remember:     Product -> Purpose -> User

There are three tasks to complete.


1) Design a Moving Shadow Puppet.

Look at the document ‘Moving Shadow Puppet Ideas’. This will give you examples of moving shadow puppets, as well as templates if you need inspiration.


2) Create your moving shadow puppet using your design.

You will need split pins, paper, card, cardboard (if you would like to strengthen your shadow puppet), scissors, cellotape or glue, sticks (of any kind) or dowel rods.


3) Evaluate your shadow puppet. Maybe you could make adjustments to improve the shadow puppets function?

Answer questions below to help you evaluate your shadow puppet.

  1. Attach a picture of your shadow puppet.
  2. How does your shadow puppet move?
  3. What would you change your shadow puppet?
  4. How could reinforce (make stronger) your shadow puppet?