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Design and Technology

LO: Can I design a structure which uses light and shadows for entertainment?




There will be five prizes:


  1. Best construction (strong, robust, skilful assembly)
  2. Best decoration (appealing to children)  
  3. Best design (function or the way it works )
  4. Best effort
  5. Best story


For the next three weeks you will designing and creating your own shadow puppet theatre!


This week will you will be designing your shadow puppet theatre. You have three tasks: think about what story you would like your puppet show to display, design your characters, backgrounds and theatre and create a story map.


1) Think about the story for your shadow puppet show.

You can you use a story that you already know or you can create your own story.


2) Design your characters, backgrounds and your theatre.

Write down the materials you will need to create your characters, backgrounds and your theatre.


3) Create a story map.

Write or draw the scenes of your story.


Use the document below to help you complete your tasks.