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  • Choir 12th December 2023 at 08:30
  • Choir 19th December 2023 at 08:30
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Design and Technology

LO: Can I test and evaluate a structure which uses light and shadows for entertainment?


This week you have three tasks to complete. Teachers will discuss which entries will be given the prizes. 


Here is a reminder of the prizes:

  1. Best construction (strong, robust, skilful assembly)
  2. Best decoration (appealing to children)  
  3. Best design (function or the way it works )
  4. Best effort
  5. Best story


Task 1

Finish any last bits and bobs on your shadow theatre.


Task 2

Give a performance using the shadow puppets and the shadow puppet theatre you have created to your parents/carers/siblings etc. If you are able to please video your performance, if not please don’t worry ask your parents or carers to take a picture of your completed shadow puppet theatre.


Please email your videos/pictures to your class teacher. If you are struggling to send a large document then there a website called 'We Transfer' that allows you send large files for free (you don't even need to sign up), the website is below.


Task 3

Complete the Evaluation Form.


Here are your teachers emails:

Pearl Class - /

Topaz Class -

Amber Class -