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  • Choir 12th December 2023 at 08:30
  • Choir 19th December 2023 at 08:30
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Diamond Class - Nursery

Home Learning for week 14th June


In nursery we aim to create a friendly atmosphere where the children feel happy and secure and are excited to learn: we hope they will develop a sense of individual responsibility and respect for others.

The outdoor area is used regularly to extend and complement experiences provided inside. Children can do things on a much larger scale outside-huge pieces of paper to paint on, paths to draw on, soil to dig, stage to perform on, a mud kitchen to explore and paving stones to sweep. The adventure playground also provides opportunities for risk taking and gross motor skills. Children are frequently more relaxed and confident outside and more receptive to learning. By experiencing learning in a safe and supportive outdoor environment, children gain a sense of value for the wider, natural world, a sense of responsibility for their environment, in addition to self-esteem, confidence and physical and emotional strength.


Our Class motto is "I can't do it yet."



To contact nursery either ring the school office on 01254 244580 or email Mrs O'Mahoney at