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Friday 10th July

Good morning Mars Class!

Here are your lessons for today:

Maths warm up. Place value. Draw lines to make three sections, see PowerPoint below. Write each three-digit number in numerical form, in expanded form and in words. I am thinking of the number 117 in the example. Repeat for the following numbers: 






Maths main. Measures. Complete the Measurement Topic Review question set on the LbQ site. 

This code will work until 6pm on this date. The code you need is: ioc

Think carefully whether you need to multiply or divide when converting units of measurement.

English. Write your own Anansi story. Use the story map you created earlier in the week as a plan. Be sure to follow this model using Anansi and another character:

          One character tricks the other character.

          They are smug and gloat about their trick

          Second character plans revenge by tricking them back

          First character falls for the trick and is taught a lesson.

R.E. Proverbs. Read a selection of proverbs from the Bible with an adult. See PowerPoint below. Discuss what they mean and if they are still relevant today. Choose one and write it down. Then try to write a modern version of your favourite.