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Friday 10th July

Bonjour Jupiter

Here are today's activities:


My Maths: Year 4 - Solve Problems - Rounding

Year 5 - Start to Multiply Fractions


LBQ: Revision of Punctuating Dialogue

Code: xok


English: Day 3 from the plan

Year 4 - Run Wild by Gill Lewis. Continue reading from page 9 to the end of the extract. Do some word work from the plan, before making an emotions graph to show how Izzy’s emotions have changed throughout the extract.

Year 5 - Explore and make notes about the planet Mars by watching and reading a videos and articles. Create a poster with interesting facts and information which might appear in a space magazine.


Read aloud to an adult for 15 minutes. Complete a spelling mat.


Art: Do an activity from the Lancashire PE Stay At Home Programme for this week. See 'PE Activities'.


Have a lovely day.