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Friday 11th December

Good morning children! It’s Friday!!


Make sure you ask your parents for your Friday wages – if you’ve earned them! I am sure you have – I have had so many superb pieces of work sent to me. The MyMaths and TTRS sites show plenty more great learning going on. Well done!


Please see, below, our learning tasks for today. For more accessible tasks for some children, try the Table 2 activities.





Please make sure you do your Spelling Test – and let me know your scores!


As explained yesterday, due to the Teaching Live online lesson, you can finish your Papa Panov story. See below for a repeat of the explanation:


  • Using your plan from Wednesday, please re-tell the story, using your own three visitors, different from the original story.
  • Use your Story Map to help you.
  • Use a thesaurus or to uplevel your language.
  • Include the inverted commas for speech, as you practised on Tuesday.
  • Include a range of accurate punctuation, including: , ! ? or even (  ) and
  • Use your very best handwriting!



I set you plenty of MyMaths, this week, so please feel free to try and complete all the tasks set.


I have also added a Maths Calendar document below. We will be using these questions in class over the next few school weeks, so working on some of the questions will give you a good grounding and prepare you well. There are no answers provided, so please ask you parents, kindly, to check your work! Thank you.


As ever, try to access Times Tables RockStars and develop your skills. For children who have not yet passed their 2/5/10s, I have adapted your tasks to focus on these. If your parents can also read out the tables for you (with 3 second break each question) they can test your learning.




Today’s work is taken from our latest unit: ‘Christmas – God with us’


We have been thinking all about Christmas and advent, since our Online Learning began.


Can you explain in your own words how the arrival of Jesus changed the world?


Jesus’ presence in the world had a massive impact then and Christians believe he makes a huge impact on the world now.


In school, you have heard a lot of stories that explain the impact that Jesus had, when he was in the world.

Can you make a list of these – and then explain what effect each event had on the people involved and those who saw?

(Eg. think about the Feeding of the 5000, the healing of Jairus’ daughter and the man through the roof)


Can you write down in what ways does Jesus make an impact now?


Today, many Christians show them putting their belief in Jesus and his presence in action.

The work of the Salvation Army illustrates this point well. Lots of information can be found on their website.

Can you explain how they show his presence in action?