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Friday 11th December

 English   Christmas for Scrooge - One Year On


 Starter   Complete the grammar sheet about present perfect and past perfect tense (below)



Look back at the descriptive opener you wrote in Lesson 1 of this unit - when you described the room with Scrooge sat before a meal.

Today, you will be visualising and describing what the Christmas of the following year would be like for Scrooge.


 2nd   Here are some ideas about what Scrooge's Christmas meal of the next year may be like:

-Christmas dinner

-a visit to church

-gift giving at Bob Cratchit’s house

-helping the poor

-any others?


 3rd   Here is an example play script. There is an introductory paragraph, written in green to set the scene. The blue writing is stage directions (written in brackets of course) to show how the characters move and gesture etc.

On each spoken part, there is a colon after the character name, so the actor knows when to start speaking.

A Christmas Carol (One Year On)

The room was tall. Panelled windows flanked a fire place sitting beneath a mirror column, that stretched all the way up to the high ceiling. Crackling away in the fireplace, logs burned and fire flickered, giving the room a comforting winter feel.  The room was decorated with holly wreaths on the walls and filled stockings hanging from the mantelpiece. Candles, that had been carefully placed around the room, each gave out a warm glow. There was life in that room, which was filled with a kind house owner and his guests... the Cratchett family.

Scrooge: Welcome to one and all, on this wondrous family, Christmas Day. It is my pleasure to be sharing this special time with those closest to my heart. I cannot thank you enough for kindly accepting my invitation to come and dine with me today. You are like family to me. Bob, please accept my humble thanks and God Bless to you all!

Bob: And God Bless to you sir. (Bob raises his glass) Indeed, thank you for inviting us sir.

Tim: (standing up using his crutches) God Bless to you Mr. Scrooge!

All (standing): God Bless to one and all. HOORAY!

Scrooge (clapping his hands): Now then, let's get this meal started, we want to have enough time for the children's presents after all.

Children (faces lighting up): Presents, oh how wonderful!

Everyone sits while Scrooge scurries off to the kitchen to bring in the food, ably assisted by Mrs. Cratchett.

Think about stage directions, what characters say, how they move, gesture etc…


 4th   Success Criteria

- Write an introductory paragraph to set the scene 

- Use an 'ing' opener

- Put a colon after a character's name to show them when to speak

- Use stage directions inside brackets throughout. Indicate facial expressions, gestures with hands  and any movement around the stage/set

- Read out each sentence after writing it

 Maths  Today we are focusing on 'translation'.


 1st  Complete one or more of the LBQ tasks. See Facebook for the code.


 2nd  Complete the mental maths sheet (below)


 3rd  Try the advent calendar challenge (main Tanzanite page)


 4th  Try one of the other set sheets/challenges.

 RE  The Magnificat (Luke Chapter 1)

Mary gave salutations and praise after she visited her cousin Elizabeth, to tell her that she was pregnant with Jesus. She sang a hymn of praise to God, which is known as the 



 1st  Open the document below and read the passage about Mary praising God.


 2nd  Read the passage a second time, before answering the questions about the passage.