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  • Choir 12th December 2023 at 08:30
  • Choir 19th December 2023 at 08:30
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Friday 12th June

Kon'nichiwa Jupiter


Here are today's activities:


Learn some more of the 'Peace' poem by heart, ready for Friday 19th June


LBQ: Practise Adding Mentally Using Number Bonds (harder)

Multiply a 2 digit number by a 1 digit number (easier)

Code: gdx


Have a go at  Number of the Week board. See the Maths Extension activities.


Extension - Try a task or two from the Extension page if you like. Challenge yourself!


English: Day 4 from the plan

Year 4 - Write the next chapter of 'Goodnight Mr. Tom' using the plan you created yesterday. Use tips form the plan to help you improve your writing too.


Year 5 - Write a short story about a child being evacuated in World War 2. Look at the plan for ideas on the outline of your story.


Read aloud to an adult for 15 minutes. Complete a spelling mat.


Complete a task from the Activities Grid