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Friday 15th May



1 - Complete the final 5 a day challenge for this week. 

2 - Log onto LBQ and complete the Ratios lesson.  The code that you need is:sbh

3 - Complete the Ratio problems that are displayed below. 

Click on each image to enlarge.

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3


In his novel, Pinocchio, the author Carlo Collodi describes the old carpenter Geppetto using the word fiery. Use a dictionary, thesaurus or the website Word Hippo to define this word. What impression does this word give you of Geppetto?


Re-read chapters 1-3 of Pinocchio at

What ‘fiery’ behaviour does Geppetto display? Make a list.


Using the events at the start of Pinocchio (Chapters 1-3), create a true/false quiz based upon the story to test your family with. Can they offer reasons (including evidence from the novel) for their answers?

Please send me a copy of your quiz! 


Complete the task on the LBQ site.  The code for the lesson is: sbh

Learning Lounge Learning


1 - Find some coins in your house and total how much you have.  Ask someone in your house to request an amount of money and then work out how much you have left.  Repeat for different amounts.  See if you can give them the least amount of coins possible. 

2 - Complete the money lesson on the LBQ site, focused on comparing and ordering money. 

The code for the lesson is: sbh



Continue to read and enjoy this story together. This could be from the beginning or from where you read up to the previous day, e.g. from p9 onwards:


Discuss what has happened in the story and the tricks the crocodile carried out.
Write about each trick:

Trick One
Trick Two
Trick Three

Check spelling and punctuation in each sentence together.