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Friday 21st January

Complete one slide from the 5 A Day powerpoint. 


Work through the Maths slides, or watch this video Aut.6.12.1 - Divide fractions by integers (2) on Vimeo and complete the activities on the sheet attached.  Mark your answers afterwards. 

There is also a task on LBQ to have a go with too.  Remember to simplify your fractions if the questions asks you to. The code for the lesson is: jqct


1 - Please read your FBA book for 10 minutes.  Read to your self and read aloud to an adult. 


Complete some of the task set on


Use the Powerpoint below and work through the slides to develop a greater understanding of the story.  If you can't create a freeze frame as you are at home alone, perhaps create some different emotion faces to explain how you're feeling and why.  


 Use this link __613a16dcae3aed89df95aa00ca07df9a.pptx ( and work through the slides that introduce the alien family. 


Use this link to play a game of snap.  This is German family snap.  ¡HOLA! Somos la familia Alien (


Use this link to unscramble the letters and work out who the family members are __40d819eadbaf67157f14bcd595d4e3a0.pdf (