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Friday 22nd May

Good morning Mars Class!

Here are the lesson for today:

Maths warm up. Solve scaling problems. Each square on your paper represents 8 metres. Draw three towers with squares to represent 32 metres, 64 metres and 96 metres. See photo below for examples.

Maths main. Shape and angles. Log on to MyMaths and complete the online lesson and homework task Angles 2.

To log on you need to do the following:

  1. Visit
  2. Enter the school username salesbury and password cosine87
  3. Once logged in there is a box on the right where you will enter your own personal user name and password (as seen on the email attachment which your parents received). 
  4. You will then see the lesson that you need to log into. 
  5. Complete the online lesson first and work through each slide. 
  6. Once complete, then work through the online homework task.

Guided Reading. Watch and enjoy the film: The Small Shoemaker
Discuss what happened and how one special shoe won the day!

English. Select a shoe and write an advert for it. Use ideas you have collected this week for
different shoes from your house. Perhaps your advert could be based on one of the pairs of shoes you’ve found! Look at these advertisements first:
JML advert

Cosyfeet advert

Write a script for your advert. Think about including persuasive features in your script such as: the name of your shoes, the facts or benefits, any appealing adjectives, a snappy slogan, any special offers and from where it is available to buy. Check your spelling and punctuation.

History. Samlesbury Hall. Find out about this famous old building in the local area and present in any way you like. What period of history does it belong to? What style is the architecture? How would you describe its appearance? How old its it? How has it changed over time? See PowerPoint below for photos.