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Friday 26th November

Good Morning! 

I hope you are all OK. Well done for completing and sending all your work yesterday. Your learning for today is below.  Please do email your completed work to me - thank you! Have a great weekend and I hope we see you next week! 


1 - Work through day five of 5 A Day. 

2 - Watch the video on this link and work through the lesson slides.  You are familiar with these as we use them in class. Aut6.9.2 - Fractions on a number line on Vimeo

I am also attaching the teaching slides below if the video does not work. 

3 - Complete the Maths tasks on the sheet below.  I have also posted the answers. 

4- There is a further Maths task on the LBQ site.  The code you need is: tqrd


Today we are going to edit and redraft our biography.  Your first task is to read each paragraph and use your green pen to make improvements to your writing.  

Then please redraft your work.  We will be publishing it next week. 


Ask someone at home to test you on your spellings from this week. 


Read 2 chapters of your FBA book and write a short summary about the story so far.  Please bring these into school when you return and I'll add them to the display. 

High 5

As you have worked very hard this week, do something you enjoy and take a little time our for yourself. 


Have a great weekend and if you are back Monday, see you then, if not there will be some more work online. 

See you soon!