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Friday 27th March

Hello Mars Class here are the lessons for today:

Maths warm up. Add mentally a three-digit number and hundreds. Draw a "ladder" with nine spaces. Write a three-digit number with a 1 in the hundreds column in the bottom space. Count up in hundreds, recording the numbers in each space. When you have finished, count forwards and backwards in hundreds from that number. Repeat for other start numbers under 199. See example below.                       

Maths main. Adding fractions with the same denominator. See activity below.


English. Otter from Lost Words by Robert MacFarlane and Jackie Morris. Which creature would you like to shape-shift into? Make a collection of movement words, verbs and adverbs, similes and metaphors, that you would use to describe your chosen animal. Write a description of your chosen animal.


Guided Reading ... currently trying to upload video of The Sheep-Pig Chapter 3.


Music. Select a backing track and sing along to your favourite Sing Together song.