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Friday 27th March 2020

Friday 27th March 2020


Hello Mercury Class,


I hope you are all well and getting into some sort of routine with your home life and remote learning. I hope you got full marks for your spellings! Please remember that the lists for future weeks are on this page (under 'Summer 1 Spelling Lists').


Today, again, I'm trying to set you some activities that you can do on your own and others that may need a bit of adult help with. Also, some may need internet connection, while others can just be printed out.


So, here are today's activities. Being a Friday, I'll say, as ever, "Have a lovely weekend!" and, whilst I'm sorrry I can't give you your Friday Wages, I'm sure your parents will let you have a small treat if you have worked hard this week!


Mr Kellington



On Facebook and on the Video Resource Centre, you can watch/listen to Chapter 12 of Charlotte's Web.


Linked to this, I would like you to create a web, with your name in the middle. I would then like you to think of fantastic descriptive words that describe you and place them around/in the web! You should use a dictionary/thesaurus (books or online) to 'up level' your words. These words can be cut out from a newspaper or magazine, typed or handwritten. Although this is an English task, feel free to be as creative as possible with the materials that you make your web from. This could easily be an outside activity! Ask your parents to upload your work onto facebook, unless you would rather just send it to my email.



Please use this link: 

Spend 20 minutes working on your target Times Tables, found on the Homework Grid in your Reading Record.


Year 3 and 4 please access these online activities (Username: student17843 Password: salesbury) and, just like yesterday, feel free to print out and annotate to help you. Paper copies can be found below.


Table 2:


Why not?

Other activities you may choose to do today, could be:

  • Complete the Computing activity below.
  • Do the Joe Wicks PE lesson, uploaded daily.
  • Use household items to compose and perform a short piece of Music. Use your imagination eg. glass bottles, pots, pans, straws, string, spoons, plastic tubs. Upload if possible!