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Friday 29th January

Maths Today is an assessment of everything learned this week. There are two sets of questions to choose from (see below). Choose the questions most appropriate for you.


I will be on Teams for a drop in session at 9:30am if you need anything explaining. 


A video to watch has been loaded onto the UKS2 page of the Video Resource Centre on the school website.


Your lesson will be on Teams with Mr Bird at 11:00am.  Today we will be learning to create a glossary of terms, based on the research we collected earlier in the week.  Please bring your notes to the lesson. Try to present your glossary clearly as we will use as part of our published pieces next week. 


Complete the Spelling task on the LBQ site.  The code for the activity is: gie


Thank you to so many of you who have sent wonderful videos of yourselves playing musical sounds, particularly if you have used your own instruments – well done !


This week, you can listen to some example music to discover different TEXTURES.  Read the attached sheet on what we mean when we talk about Texture in Music and then listen to the examples, answering the questions.

Email me your answers:


Continue to work through the activities of the Week 4 Timetable from the Lancashire School Games website.


This activity is a continuation of Tuesday's PE lesson. Perhaps choose a different activity in each of the 'Move' and 'Play' sections to add variation to the lesson.