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Friday 3rd April

Good Morning Mars Class!

Here are the lessons for today:

Maths warm up. Subtract mentally a three-digit number and hundreds. What number goes in the box? See picture below. Use the inverse operation to find out.

Maths main. Position and direction. Describe positions on a square grid labelled with letters and numbers. See PowerPoint below.

English. Shape poems. Read The Moon Speaks and Raindrop. See PowerPoint below. Use these poems as inspiration to write your own shape poem with the title Sun. Search for inspirational pictures of the sun. Research the sun. Collect interesting words to describe the sun's appearance, emotions and personality. Draft your poem, read it through, make improvements and then copy it into an outline of the sun.

Guided Reading. The Sheep-Pig by Dick King-Smith. Chapter 5. See slides of text and comprehension questions.

French. Practise French family names. See PowerPoint below