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Friday 4th December 2020


 1st  See the attached file below. Read the story 'A Christmas Carol'


 2nd  Look at the images of the ghosts from the book (past, present and future).


 3rd  Write a short paragraph of explanation to answer to the question ‘How did the ghosts change the course of Scrooge’s life?’


E,g, 'Scrooge's life was affected by each ghost in different ways. The ghost of Christmas past showed Scrooge to remember aspects of his past that he had enjoyed , but had now forgotten. He was also shown turning points in his life and was made to realise that these had played a large part in making him the miserly person he was now. When looking back at the decisions he had made back then, particularly regarding his lady friend at the time, Scrooge started to realise his mistakes in a way he had never done before.'


Success Criteria:

1. Write similar paragraphs about the effect the other ghosts had on Scrooge (ghosts of Christmas past and future).

2. I used five sentences in my paragraph. Use five sentences, or more, in each of your three paragraphs.

3. I also tried hard to make sure each sentence started in a different way. You should do the same.

4. Read your work out loud after every sentence to check for any errors; to improve vocabulary and phrasing; to ensure your paragraph has a good 'flow' to it.


We are looking at polygons today.


Try the maths advent calendar challenge for 4th December (see previous page)



Complete the LBQ Task.


Click Here Learning by Questions (

Select 'Connect as Pupil'

Enter your first name

Code - 'orm'



Practise Mental Arithmetic Skills

Print out one of the Maths Salamanders Files for Year 4, 5 or 6.



Try the polygon challenge below (tricky)

 Art  Today we are revisiting vanishing point, but in abstract art.


 1st  Have a look at the examples on the document below to see some abstract, perspective art.


 2nd  Follow the instructions and have a go at your own piece of abstract, vanishing point art.