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Friday 5th June 2020

Hello, Mercury Class!


It’s the end of the week! Thank you for your hard work. Make sure you ask for your Friday wages!


Please see, below, our remote learning tasks for today.




Enjoy today’s Story Time at: and on facebook at 9am.


Year 4/Year 3/Table 2

  • Following on from yesterday, now write a letter to the Hungry Caterpillar including a list of foods to stay healthy. The menu you created yesterday will help with your ideas but you can add new foods or choose to change your ideas for your letter.
  • Remember to give advice about a balanced diet including protein, carbohydrates, dairy and fruit and vegetables.
  • Provide some advice about not eating too many foods in the same food group or too many sweets, crisps and cake!
  • Use the ideas below to help you write your letter.
  • Dear Hungry Caterpillar,
  • I think you need to eat different foods so you have a healthier diet.
  • I would recommend that you eat these foods.
  • On Monday, make sure you eat some … so that you get some protein and fruit.
  • On Tuesday …
  • On Wednesday …
  • etc.
  • On Saturday and Sunday you can treat yourself to …
  • Please avoid eating too many …
  • If you follow my advice, I think you will be healthy and very happy.
  • You can then be called The Very Healthy Caterpillar!
  • Thank you.
  • Sign your name
  • Please check all spelling and punctuation after you have completed your letter. Email the letter to me or upload to facebook!




This week we are going to be working on Place Value on MyMaths.  Remember to work carefully through the slides on each lesson, first, then have a go at all the practise questions, before attempting the tasks.


The tasks for the whole week are all up now, to allow you to choose when to complete each set. Please let me know of any problems and we’ll try and sort them! Please don’t worry and just do your best. Please see Tuesday’s plans for logging in details.


Other Activities

Other activities you may choose to do today, could be:

  • Geography: Have a walk around your local area – what do you notice?  List positives and negatives.  Discuss with your family what could be improved? Create a poster to suggest improvements that could be made within the local area and why it’s important that we all play our part. Include colours and make it eye catching to engage the target audience.
  • Develop your online safety learning with the Computing activity below – this is the 4th
  • Science: Read and discuss the following information about keeping safe, happy and healthy in the sun, called Be Smart in the Sun at  (If the page is split in half, click for the KIDS section on the left of the page). Also, view the clip and read the information Tips for Staying Safe in the Sun at Now discuss the guidance about keeping safe in the sun with an adult and create a true and false quiz for your friends and family using the information you have read. For example: 1. You should apply sun cream every 4 hours – true or false? 2. You should apply sun cream 20minutes before going out into the sun – true or false?